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Axle Polish Compound
Free Grab Bag

This "Grab Bag" conveniently gathers together all the odds and ends you will need to make sure the items in the Complete Package, Basic Package, or Speed Package are applied properly. It is provided free with these packages since proper application is just as important as the polishing and lube compounds themselves. The mini-dowels are only used in car construction and are not included in the Speed Package which is just for car lubrication.

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1. Small Containers - For holding graphite or water.

2 - Small Mixing Cup - For mixing wheel bore polish

3. Eyedropper - For dispensing water into bore polish small cup.

4. Small Brush - For applying bore polish to cardboard shaft.

5. 800 Grit Emery Paper - For first axle polish.

6. Cotton Twine and Threading Wire - For cleaning wheel bore.

7. 3/32" Mini-Dowels - To check if axle holes are perpendicular and used to support body during painting - Not normally provided with just Speed Package

8. Chamois Strip - For final axle polish.

9. Brass Spatula - For dipping and applying Super Z Graphite.


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