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The Shopping Cart is down. All products have been discontinued except the Virtual Race

If you have interest in the Virtual Race, email Doc Jobe at for info on how to obtain this product

The former product links with images are still here for information purposes

This site is now dedicated to Lectures, These are listed in the Header as:

> CAR LECTURES the 26 Lectures are still here and will be added to when new subjects are sent in for consideration.

> CUB LECTURES have been added to the Lecture Series. These lectures are written to appeal to the youngster and get them interested in physics. And they can get a free Physics Award patch when they send in answers to a few simple questions.

> G-TRACK LECTURES are new, and are used to describe the brand new Jobe G-Track Pro.This near zero friction is a track to end all race tracks and utilizes features from 4 Patents.

Happy Racing, Parents & Cubs

Doc Jobe

PS- For viewing Lectures, suggest you select your browser tools for allowing PDF downloads directly using Adobe Reader rather than going through the browser preview option. Click on CAR LECTURES page above for details.




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